About Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is our flagship PTA program.  Because the Garrison School does not have a hot lunch program, for many years the PTA has served hot lunch on Tuesdays.  This program is primarily a service to the students; secondarily it is a fundraiser for PTA.  (Separately, 8th grade parents serve pizza on Fridays as a fundraiser for the annual 8th-grade trip to Boston.  Though pizza Fridays are not an official part of PTA, we support their efforts and encourage you to buy pizza, too!)

Prices and Payment
Hot lunch is $4.  Dessert only is $0.75.  Hot Lunch tickets can be purchased at any time during the year with a variety of balances.  Click here to purchase a Hot Lunch tickets online.  Your child's name will be added to the cashier's master list and checked off each time he/she eats hot lunch.  You can also purchase hot lunch with cash or check (make payable to "GUFS PTA").

We are always looking for standing volunteers as well as substitutes.  Please consider one of the following roles:
  • Team Captain (5 hrs/mo on a Tuesday)--manages a once-a-month team:  chooses menu, opens kitchen, assigns tasks to team members, makes sure lunch runs smoothly, makes a needed-supply list, and closes kitchen
  • Ticket Manager (4 hrs/mo--very flexible)--manages hot lunch ticket sales:  accounts for incoming payments, distributes new tickets to cashiers, and sends reminders when ticket balances are low
  • Team Member (3 hrs/mo, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on a Tuesday)--we need many volunteers here--helps prepare and serve food once a month; we hope to have four teams of six members each; share camaraderie with other GUFS parents and visit with your child at school!
  • Substitute Team Member (variable)--on-call volunteer ready to fill in if a regular team member cannot make it:  this is a great way to get your feet wet and meet a wide variety of people; substitutes are asked to commit to 3-4 fill-in assignments per year
  • Team Shopper (2 hrs/mo on a Monday)--works closely with the team captain to determine menu shopping lists, purchases the food, delivers and stores the food in the school kitchen the Monday before; this is a great way to contribute if you have little ones at home or are unavailable on Tuesdays
  • Cashier (2 hrs/mo, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on a Tuesday)--accepts cash, check, and ticket payments for hot lunch from students and staff