We recommend a $50 donation per child, if it is within your family’s means, to kickstart our annual fundraising and support the wonderful programs that GUFS PTA funds. Click here to register for your PTA Membership, or download the form and return to the school.

inimum membership dues of $25 entitle you to one free hard copy of the Student Directory as well as password access to the secure electronic directory on this website.  Your membership also entitles you to vote on PTA issues.

If you are a new family to GUFS or if your directory information has changed, please be sure that your directory information is updated!  Click here to update your Student Directory information.


Why are there PTA dues?

A portion of these dues go to national and state PTA organizations who provide us with insurance coverage for activities, administrative support, and national and state lobbying for improving education.  Additional funds support programs that we do right here at the Garrison School for your kids!


Who should join?

Membership is individual, so we strongly encourage both parents to join.  We invite all GUFS teachers, administrators, staff, and Board of Education members to join.  We invite community members to join as well.  GUFS is the heart of the hamlet of Garrison!


What is expected of me as a member?

Just by joining you are showing your support for GUFS and the education of our kids!  As a member, you will receive regular communications from us each month.  We hope you will choose to contribute to PTA by donating time and/or money.